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Gujarat, India’s westernmost state with a long coastline open to the sea, has links with distant lands since time immemorial. Through its long history, people from overseas and the hinterland have come to Gujarat as traders, invaders, conquerors, migrants or in search of refuge. They brought influences of their own architecture, religious beliefs and culture thereby enriching Gujarat’s heritage which, in consequence, showcases strong traces of Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Islamic, Zoroastrian and European architecture.

During the British Raj, Gujarat was largely divided into principalities like Princely States and Jagirs, ruled by the Maratha Gaekwads, various Rajput clans, Kathi Durbars, Muslim dynasties and the Patidars. Magnificent forts, palaces, mansions and havelis were built by the ruling families in their respective principalities. Equally attractive are the ancestral homes of the aristocratic and wealthy mercantile families that often have exquisite woodcarving, stone sculpture or stuccowork. Ranging from traditional forms of Indian architecture to Indo-Islamic, Indo-Gothic, European, Art Deco and other styles, the domestic architectural heritage of Gujarat encompasses many treasures waiting to be discovered and explored to the fullest.

Today, the heritage of Gujarat is not just about monuments to be admired for a short span of time but it can actually be lived and savoured at leisure as many of these historical houses have seamlessly been adapted to hotels, homestays, museums or venues.

Whether you are looking for a heritage holiday in Gujarat, a venue for an event or a property for a film shoot on location, this website of The Gujarat Heritage Tourism Association, a collection of historical houses, offers you the best heritage tourism facilities that the state has to offer.

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